The so-called “mystery booms”, sometimes referred to as “sky quakes” and various other regional names, do not appear to be a new phenomenon. Records of loud crashes of unexplained origin, and similar phenomena have been reported for some time, and in virtually all parts of the world.

While this site focuses mostly on reports of booms documented in the United States and Canada, our aim is to understand the broader reaching phenomena, and what factors–both natural and manmade–may serve as their underlying cause. We also will examine the reports of various other “mystery noises” on this site, for which there is a much scientific and historical literature.

About the Author

My name is Micah Hanks, and I am an independent researcher with interest in science, history, and unexplained phenomena, particularly varieties which occur in nature, and for which there is a respectable amount of data that can be accessed in scientific literature. This site was built in response to recent reports of mystery booms which began to fascinate me, and for which I have come to find there is a long history of reports and recorded information, which has catered to speculation as to their cause for a number of years.

This problem, among others, was similarly tackled by William R. Corliss, an American physicist who sought to understand anomalous phenomena in nature through reliance on scientific data. Often controversial, but void of sensationalism in his approach, Corliss was by far one of the most reserved and objective to explore the mysteries of our world. Hence, in that same tradition of a serious, sober approach to understanding phenomena in nature, this site will attempt to document strange noises reported in the news, scientific literature, and historical accounts; whenever possible, scientific reports and studies will be offered in support of any observations made.


There are a number of contributors who help supply us with information and news items relating to mystery boom incidents.

Peter Reyland is the operator of the YouTube channel “EnigmaSeeker“, dedicated to unexplained noises heard around the world. Peter has documented many reports in his videos, and also watches for reports in the news which we document and explore on this site.

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We are also interested in collecting additional data from those who come across this site. If you have heard one of these mystery sounds, we invite you to share your observations with  us on our Submit a Report page. For any additional inquiries, you may also contact us by email at webmaster@mysterybooms.com.