In Bordentown NJ, Booms Are Still Being Heard


New Jersey, if ever there were any, would appear to be the ‘epicenter’ of the so-called mystery boom phenomenon in the U.S. Since the late 1970s, more reports of strange, loud rumblings have centered on this area of the Northeastern U.S. than virtually any other part of North America.

Little has changed since the beginning of 2015, and not surprisingly, New Jersey has found its way into the news again with regard to the strange booms, this time centering around Bordentown.

Keith Brown with theĀ Times of TrentonĀ wrote in early April:

Mysterious, earth-shaking booms have been reported in recent weeks by dozens of Bordentown and Hamilton residents, and authorities are at a loss to explain them.

The most likely culprit, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, says it wasn’t them. While the military base routinely hosts artillery training on weekends and warns residents in advance, the mystery booms have come at odd hours and on weekdays when the range is inactive.

On Monday, March 30th, one of the booms had shaken up (quite literally) a number of Bordentown Township residents, who took to Facebook and other social media sites. Many claimed that they felt the rumble that accompanied the loud “mystery noise.”

Despite the belief that the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst might be able to provide answers about the sounds, they maintained that none of their aircraft were in operation at the time the booms were heard, and that they could not account for the strange sounds.

Similar sounds were also reported in other parts of the United States around this time, most notably a rash of reports from around Berkeley and the California Bay Area.