Loud Noise, Likened to ‘Low Flying Jet’, Reported Over Wisconsin

Throughout southern Wisconsin on Sunday night, several residents near Janesville reported hearing a strange “roaring sound” that purportedly lasted longer than a typical airplane passing overhead.

The loud noise, which some speculated was caused by a meteor, also seemed louder than the sound produced by a typical airplane engine.

The Walworth County GazetteXtra reported that the sound “was heard in Beloit, Milton, Evansville, Albany, Monticello and Monroe as well as Janesville, according to Facebook comments.”

One area resident, Bonny Piantino, described that the noise “sounded like a very low flying jet,” and noted that she, “turned down the TV to listen. Glad it wasn’t my imagination.” Others agreed that the noise was similar to a low flying jet, though some compared the mystery sound to being a, “long thunder type noise.”

Conditions were rainy at the time the noise appeared, and one person who heard it said their home shook as the sound seemed to pass overhead. No calls were reported to the local 911 center, nor the Rock County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a spokesperson with the National Weather Service in nearby Sullivan, no traces of objects, weather events, or other phenomenon existed on radar at the time, which might account for the strange noise.