Mystery “Bang” Drops Over Dubbo, Startles Residents

The area of Dubbo in New South Wales is the latest location where reports of a mystery boom have caused nighttime disturbance, following a similar incident in Auckland, New Zealand last week.

Area residents reported hearing the noise on the evening of Sunday, June 7, at around 11:45 local time, as reported by The LiberalThe incident reportedly caused much confusion, leaving locals to consider whether an explosion, or perhaps a sonic boom, had been heard.

The Liberal reported earlier today that, “Neither Orana Local Area Command nor Fire and Rescue NSW Dubbo Fire Station were able to shed any light on the issue,” noting that no one with emergency services had been contacted about the sounds, or any related incidents.

Some animal disturbance was reported, with the loud boom apparently causing dogs to bark throughout the area.

Dubbo’s climate is designated within the warm temperate climate zone, getting just enough annual precipitation to prevent classification as a semi-arid climate. Humidity has been at 100% throughout the period during which the mystery noise occurred.

The report of a mystery boom in New South Wales follows on the heels of a similar report from only a few days ago, in which a loud bang caused similar disturbance near Auckland, New Zealand. A report issued a number of days later indicated that local officials believed fireworks set off in a nearby cemetery had been the likely cause of the noise.

With the June 7 incident near Dubbo, some residents also reported feeling their homes shake at the time the sound occurred.