Strange Sounds Recorded Near Terrace, British Columbia

Whatever the strange sounds are that have recently been reported around Terrace, British Columbia, their source remains unknown. One of the latest videos to feature the odd noises, dated May 7, 2015, features what appear to be eerie, moaning sounds which seemingly originate from someplace nearby.

The noises, which have been reported in other locales in the last several months, are described as resembling an injured animal, whale song, metal scraping, or industrial sounds. Their origin remains unknown at present.

An earlier recording of the strange sounds around Terrace, BC, was reported by CBC news. Area resident Melissa Harris uploaded a recording of the sounds on her YouTube account, which received more than 100,000 views.

Last week, reports of a strange sounds, rumbling and a mystery “boom” were also logged near Temiscaming, Quebec, which some associated with an earthquake. At the website of the USGS, a small earthquake was believed to have occurred in the region.

On an interesting (and synchronistic) side note, the account which uploaded the video was attributed to “Karen Wookey.” In recent weeks, reports of a loud boom, accompanied by smoke seen over a field and unusual animal behavior, stemmed from the town of Wookey, near Wells, Somerset.