What Were These Strange Noises Recorded in Nagano, Japan?

In addition to the widely documented “mystery booms” that are frequently reported in the news, a multitude of other anomalous sounds have been documented in various locales, which occasionally also garner media attention. These strange noises range from sounds that resemble loud, metallic scraping, to odd, repetitive droning. Descriptions vary as to whether the sound appears to originate from below ground, from above, or from some location a distance away.

Peter Reyland, a researcher who has spent time compiling audio recordings of these noises, sent along one of his latest videos, which documents a series of recordings made in Nagano, Japan, as well as Auckland, NZ, which had recently been in the news coinciding with reports of mystery booms that some local officials linked to fireworks in an area cemetery.

The strange noises in Nagano were reported as recently as June 12, at approximately 2 AM local time. Many have made associations between these sounds and purported unexplained aerial phenomenon, with one witness claiming that an apparent nocturnal aerial illumination is visible in one of the Nagano videos featured in the compilation above (as featured in the text that appears at the 5:18 mark).

Similar lines of speculation have emerged in relation to mystery booms and supersonic aircraft, although parallels between the two remain inconclusive based on the anecdotal nature of the data pertaining to these noises.

Special thanks to Peter Reyland for sharing this compilation.