Loud, Mysterious Booms Reported Near Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio, has been among locations in the past where reports of the so-called “mystery booms” have been the most prevalent. Throughout the winter of 2014-2015, residents in Dayton and areas nearby were frequently reporting the mystery noises, and here in the summer of 2015, those incidents seem to continue.

A report submitted by one of our readers, Jim Grossi in the Dayton area of Ohio, detailed a series of noises that were heard by he and others nearby, which occurred throughout the afternoon on June 22, 2013. Jim wrote to us to recount the experience, and noted the times that the noises were heard:

Today three loud unexplained booms were heard by myself and neighbors starting at 3pm to 5pm with last boom the loudest. I live in Dayton, Ohio downtown. I remember the three booms from last November also. Couldn’t see any outside cause, last boom rumbled the ground. It is humid and overcast with rain expected this evening, high static ? Don’t know.

The sounds, as mentioned earlier, have been reported previously in this general area. Some of the headlines pertaining to these reports are included below:

Mysterious Earth-Shaking Booms Rock Ohio

Loud booms Sunday night a mystery

Mysterious booms unexplained

Cause of loud booms a mystery

Writing about the November incidents in the Dayton area back in late 2014, the author’s article at Mysterious Universe noted the following:

[O]n November 16, similar reports were stemming from the Dayton Ohio area, more specifically around the townships of Springboro, Miamisburg, and Centerville. “One Miamisburg man said the loud booms sounded like an explosion, and that the last one sounded louder than the first,” reported Dayton’s WHIO News.

During the winter months, cryoseisms or “frost quakes” generally tend to be a popular explanation for these noises, when the ground sometimes absorbs rainwater and, after freezing temperatures, expands causing explosive stress that may result in a loud booming noise, as well as ground shaking. However, as the anomalous noise occurrences continue into the warmer weather months, the cryoseism explanation cannot account for the sounds.

If anyone in the Dayton, Ohio area has heard these noises, please consider contacting us with your report by visiting our incident reports page here.