Resources Online


Below is a listing of resources online that may be helpful in the study of unexplained noises reported in various parts of the world:

The US Geological Survey’s page on “Earthquake Booms, Seneca Guns, and Other Sounds”:

David Hill’s comprehensive article on possible causes for “mystery booms”:

“Booms and Earthquakes: Saving the East Coast a Scare”. Chapter 17 from Jeremy Stone’s Every Man Should Try: Adventures of a Public Interest Activist:, a website devoted to the study of cryoseisms and similar weather-related phenomena

Weather Underground, a comprehensive resource site with access to temperature data both past and present.

Mystery Booms: A blog devoted to mystery sounds around the world:

Mystery Booms on YouTube: This is the channel of Peter Reyland, an independent researcher with several videos documenting mystery boom reports over the years: Enigma Seeker on YouTube

Google Maps page identifying locations of possible “Mystery Booms”:

A Facebook Group devoted to reports, discussion, and resources online about mystery booms: